Friday, August 28, 2015

da'Shade — Sports

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Gotta tell ya, I'm a little confused about how the western world panders to sports.

I'm not sure how any sport advances the cause of humanity. I guess the best you could say is that sport is a form of entertainment. But what some athletes get by way of money to play a fucking game is ridiculous. Doesn't anyone realise that most of these jocks really don't know how to do anything else. Shit, pay them minimum wage. They'll still be out there on the football field, basketball court, baseball diamond, or hockey rink doing what they do. It's not like any of them are suddenly going to set up a medical practice in Manhattan.

Somebody got fooled along the way, and now everything is ass-backwards. We revere people whose skill set amounts to running, jumping, hitting a little ball, or skating better than the average Joe or Jane. People, it's just fucking running, jumping, hitting a little ball, or skating. It's not solving the world's problems, not finding a cure for all those dread diseases that kill folks, not opening the doors of education for young people, not ending poverty, not solving our rampant drug problem, not bringing an end to homelessness, nope, none of that. It's just fucking running, jumping, hitting a little ball, or skating.

And still, we watch them on TV like they are fucking superheroes, like they are the enlightened prophets who could lead us out of the wilderness, if only they knew how to read a map. Holy shit, some of these athletes can barely put four words together. Doesn't matter. Whatever they say is better than gold to some people.

WTF? Ya know, I couldn't give a shit about how much money an athlete makes. But I do give a shit about what professional sports teaches our young people. Kids look up to these "stars," and so many young folks wanna be just like them. Doesn't matter if a kid has no great skills in running, jumping, hitting a little ball, or skating, kids dream of becoming rich and famous like their sports heroes. And why? Cause it's the fucking easy way. Pro sports teaches kids that success can be measured not by the depth of their intelligence nor by the quality of their values, as long as you can fucking run, jump, hit a little ball, or skate better than anyone else.

Wanna go to college? Never mind learning math or science, English or art, just learn to fucking run, jump, hit a little ball, or skate. Colleges all over America will throw huge scholarships at you, and let you graduate with a major in "Watching Films" or "Hip-Hop Dancing," as long as you keep running, jumping, hitting a little ball, or skating. And as a bonus, you'll be adored by all the other kids who are in college without a scholarship, and who are trying to make something of themselves and the future.

Gimme a break.

Hit that mic, and have a look at the fucking madness of it all ...



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