Sunday, August 16, 2015

da'Shade — Religion

Hey, what's up?

This is da'Shade ... sitting in for Kennedy James.

It's Sunday and time for church.

Oh, I know you probably ain't going, and it's not like I'm tryin' to get all the Christians to wake up and hear the chanting driftin' out of that jam-packed temple down the road.

Times have changed. This country was founded on Christian principles, and our forefathers knew their Bible, you can bet on that. Nowadays, folks gettin' passive. Letting things slide, because it's just too much bother. But it may be time that we all woke up, stood up and said, "Enough ... let's make America great again."

I once knew a gal, who decided she wanted to convert to being Muslim. Nothing wrong with that, except she became this sanctimonious bitch who started putting down everything about America and Christianity. WTF?

Funny how we, as Christians, are called upon to be understanding and celebrate whatever religious bullshit pops up in our country — even when many of those religions have clearly targeted Christianity as the greatest evil in the world.

It's a good thing to be conciliatory and all that, but to be honest, I don't know what either Ramadan or Eid al-Adha is all about, and I figure I never will. As a Christian, I've been taught not to bow down to idols or false gods. So I don't.

Don't get me wrong. I ain't anti-anything. You can believe whatever the fuck you want. I'm just pro-Christian and pro-American. Remember it's "one Nation under God, indivisible," not a crap-load of nations trying to kill one another off.


Hit that mic and remember who you are ...



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