Monday, August 24, 2015

da'Shade — War

Hey, what's up?

This is da'Shade ... sitting in for Kennedy James.

I don't know who the fuck got it into their head to go into Viet Nam. Christ almighty, how many young boys and men did we lose over there? Something like 60,000. Holy shit, that's the size of Dubuque, Iowa. Like we lost a whole fucking town.

Yeah, yeah, I know it was over 50 years ago. But I wasn't gonna leave this blog gig without mentioning Nam.

WTF, America? Ain't it time we realised that democracy just ain't for everyone everywhere. Gotta stop being the world's police force and maybe look after some of the problems we face at home.

Like we been in Iraq seems like forever, and it don't look like we're gonna be able to leave anytime soon. Shit, Iraq is a country that was founded by nomadic tribes, and these tribes been killing each other for centuries. Do ya really think we're gonna change centuries of history with a whack of cruise missiles? The cost in dollars and lives ain't worth it.

I say, let the crazy bastards have at each other, and when the smoke clears, we'll see what's what.

Sure, we'll have to listen to and watch the usual bullshit on TV and the Internet, but who the fuck cares? I mean, some asshole in a mask preaching anti-Americanism is just some asshole in a mask. Toughen up, America. If we know who we are as a great country, then none of the rhetoric should mean shit.

Mind you, next time some fucking bastards decide to turn a couple of our own airplanes into terrorist missiles, then, yeah, time to go to war. But let's not piss around. Send them a couple of Harry Truman greeting cards and end the bullshit in a single day.

There's a time for conciliation and kiss-assing whackos from who knows where, but there's also a time to take care of business. And business is business ... nothing personal, shitheads — mess with the best, die like the rest. Too bad, so sad ...

Hit that mic, stand tall, and salute yer country ...



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