Sunday, August 23, 2015

da'Shade — Pretty

Hey, what's up?

This is da'Shade ... sitting in for Kennedy James.

Kennedy has like a million channels on his TV, so the other day, I was flippin' around when I landed on this show about young girls whose moms and dads take them all over to compete in these beauty contests.

Holy shit, three, four, and five year olds are so fucking gussied up they look like they're pushin' 22 years old. I can't help but wonder what's going on. I mean, isn't this just bait for pedos to get off on? I can't even believe these pageants are legal.

So, these little girls grow up thinking pretty is everything. Fuck being a kid, screw running through the sprinkler or having fun in the park playground, piss on learning yer lessons in school and developing some values, like caring about others. No, just look pretty and all will be right in the world.

Are you fucking kidding?

For every tiara they poke into some toddler's ridiculous looking bouffant hairdo, there's some experience of real childhood that kid is missing.

Shit, most women know the end of innocence comes soon enough. Rushing little girls through it is disgraceful. Kids need to be kids.

Anyway, this whole "pretty" thing is for losers. Pretty ain't gonna pay the bills for very long. Pretty only gonna lead to endless delusions about what matters in life, and soon as you wake up to discover yer face is fucking cracking into a mishmash of age spots and wrinkles, then you realise ya got nothing left to sell.

Sooner or later, pretty ain't gonna cut it. And what's left? Bimbo Betty and her bad boob job?

We need to measure people by the sincerity of their hearts and the grace of their souls. And we need to let our children discover the real beauty of being alive ain't got nothin' to do with being pretty.

Pretty kills.

Hit that mic and learn something from my girl, Beyoncé ...



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