Friday, January 15, 2016

a secret poem ...

a secret poem ...

i have written you a secret poem
and put it in a parcel
wrapped with a bright crimson ribbon
only you could untie
i'll post it to you
when the earth stalls
and the sun neither rises
nor sets
to measure my time
away from you

i wrote it by hand
in letters black on paper white
but i promise that
it's not my usual junk
and doesn't flail the darkness
to try to find the crack
through to salvation
but please don't expect
some smug anthem of sorrow
i am not one of those strangers
who lays brightly coloured flowers
on the graves
of the dead

i ache for you baby
especially when the music pauses
and i wait for another song
to begin
but i guess that is not so unusual
since so many feel the same desperation
when they can hear
only the sound of a single heartbeat
in the sudden silence
when life encounters a full stop
the pausal moment
that catches a cloud
rolling by overhead
a gentle reminder
if one were to glance skyward
that waiting
however long



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