Thursday, January 07, 2016

Mama's Gone Drivin' ...

Mama's Gone Drivin' ...

Mama's gone drivin'
right outta town
up Chickadee Road
past old Miller's Pond
where most folks say
with a kind of
lurid smile
that there Singapore kid
most likely done drown

Mama's gone drivin'
right outta town
racing on by
where the grass turns to brown
and straight on past
the highway Jesus sign
headin' west
i reckon
must be California bound

Mama's gone drivin'
right outta town
her rotten Ford pickup
rattlin' all the way along
that old dirt road
cuttin' over to Highway 9
ne'er once ever stoppin'
ne'er once slowin' down

Mama's gone drivin'
right outta town
and i guess it's true
that she done earned her renown
but folks still wonder
here and whereabouts
what was going through her head
when she left six kids
buried in da ground



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