Wednesday, January 13, 2016

shelter ...

shelter ...

the tangle of your hair
drapes over me
falling wet
like a twisted fishing net
adorned with blades
of seaweed
the carelessly entwined ribbons
of green failing
into yellow splashes
of salty brine
a salve for the wounds
that other fishermen
have left
across the rise
of your breasts
so close to mine
that i wince
at the pain your heart
confirms in throbs
of fluttering despair
and my heart listens
with the quiet
ebb and flow
of my pulse
beating like a steady swell of waves
on the shoreline
that reaches
out for you
stretching from the harbour
of my love
where my desire
sinks deep
beneath troubled waters
with a single line
of hope
strong enough
to guide you ashore
to the strong embrace
of my arms
where you may feel
safe at last
in an everlasting
cove of shelter



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