Friday, January 22, 2016

somewhere on the other side ...

on the other side ...

down along the southern fence line
where the wild roses grow
the brush fires crackle
and trees tumble over
like drop down eyes
and if the winds blow right
through to morning's light
i guess i'll see you
somewhere on the other side

there's a cowboy singing
a sad song in my head
about how love fades
like a copper sunrise
until the darkness rises
like a smudge in the east
and blackens the whole winter sky
but the stars shine bright
to guide me through to you
somewhere on the other side

i'm travelling through the pass
between lost and unknown
not sure if i'm going
or already gone
all i know for certain
is how i miss your kiss
and the whisper of your voice
that drifted through the air
saying you'd find me there
at the end of my ride
somewhere on the other side



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