Tuesday, January 19, 2016

there is a kiss ...

there is a kiss ...

there is a kiss that I have pinned to the wall
      right beside the picture of you
            in your tank top and jeans
                  I had to cut off your head
                        because you were always watching me

do the tango with Cecilia and Marjorie and Renée and Ursula
      and all the other dancers that have come into my life
            with red or blonde braids
                  with creamy white skin
                        bashing the cymbals of my heart together

so that I would lie down like a tamed rhinoceros
      lie down and roll
            roll in the mud of their desires
                  I did not mean to offend you

      you shouldn’t have been watching

yesterday you wrote to say you weren’t coming home
      that Africa was really beautiful
            and Badooo was a brilliant artist
                  and a better lover than me

      and to think, all I was worried about
                  was the malaria



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