Friday, August 26, 2016

da'Shade — My Gal

Hey, what's up?

This is da'Shade ... sitting in for Kennedy James, who is on vacation.

So, I've had a bunch of requests for me to tell more about my personal life.

Shit, ain't that much to it.

I live in a big city and just last week moved in with my gal. I got no kids, drive a beat-up Ford, and I have a great job working with teenagers, most of them without any half-decent parents.

I ain't no romantic, like ol' Kennedy, but, yeah, I'm in love with a great gal. Here's the latest photo of us ...

Hey, that's all you're getting, so don't be asking for more. I like my privacy is all, and what the fuck, I don't know you from shit. I figga we all need to mind our own business.

Bump the bullshit ...

Hit that mic and maybe you'll figga out more what I'm about ...

::::::::: Bob Dylan Sweetheart Like You :::::::::



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