Monday, August 15, 2016

da'Shade — Uh, Uh

Hey, what's up?

This is da'Shade ... sitting in for Kennedy James, who is on vacation.

Bump the bullshit.

Sometimes, it's a hurtful world. Sometimes, it's like if you ain't in the mainstream, if you can't make it in the jet stream, you feel like you're fucking E.T. from another planet.

You turn this way, you turn that way — all you want is someone to talk to, someone to share a bit of time with — ain't no one. Shit, ain't no one at all.

Sure, you remember what people say. You remember people telling ya that you're worth something. Can't hear them voices anymore. All ya hear now is people dissing ya, putting ya down, and laughing at ya behind yer back.

What the fuck? Ya try yer best to make friends, but the only friends ya can find are drugged out zombies who want ya for what? Want ya to be as whacked out as them is all. And yer done with it all.

The blues filters into yer brain, and ya start shutting down. Fucking crazy. Ya end up thinking, "What the fuck am I living for?" It ain't no leap frog to pondering stepping out of life.

Uh uh ... don't be going there.

Suicide ain't yer ride. Suicide ain't going to make things better. All it does is let all the other fuckers win. All the shitheads who put you down will be saying you was a loser and you just proved it. Prove them wrong by getting yerself a full life.

Life ain't no popularity contest. Life ain't about what other people think. Life is about finding your own brand of you, not the rep of "loser" that Barbie and Ken want to tattoo you with. Screw Barbie and Ken — they're just as miserable as everyone else — they're just better at hiding it.

So, c'mon ...

Bump the bullshit.

Hit that mic and hang in there ...

::::::::: K'naan [Featuring Nelly Furtado] Is Anybody Out There? :::::::::



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