Wednesday, August 17, 2016

da'Shade — Sorry, Not Sorry

Hey, what's up?

This is da'Shade ... sitting in for Kennedy James, who is on vacation.

Apologies ... not sure they make a lot of sense to me.

Oh sure, I guess if you fuck up, you need to come clean and tell the person who got burned by yer little fuck up that you're sorry.

Usually by then, the damage is done. And really, even though your apology is nice and all, it's pretty worthless, except maybe it eases yer conscience and makes you feel better. Still, all about you.

Maybe a better way is not to fuck up.

You gotta think ahead whenever you say or do something that might affect the well-being of others. You can't be tweeting out that so-and-so has a fat ass or is a sex perv and then the next day say, "Oh, I was wrong. So sorry."

Shit, nobody reads the apologies. They just hang on to that initial zinger. Maybe you were just being stupid for a day, or maybe ya knew what you were doing. Either way, you might wanna run your thoughts through a kind of internal censor, you know, that voice in yer head that says, "Don't do it!"

Maybe you need to figure out why you trash other folks. Do you crave a little attention? Do you have something in yer brain that is misfiring?

Whatever the case, your apology don't make it right. Ain't worth shit. And you know it ...

Hit that mic and don't get in this rut ...

::::::::: Brenda Lee I'm Sorry :::::::::



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