Friday, August 05, 2016

da'Shade — Stop And Smell The Roses

Hey, what's up?

This is da'Shade ... sitting in for Kennedy James, who is on vacation.

So, today, I got to thinking about how we hurry through life. Shit, it's like we don't realise that at the end of the race, there really ain't no prize, no blue ribbon, no buck-fifty trophy, just a hole in da ground or a date with the blast furnace.

Hey, there's no rush.

We all need to slow down and enjoy the things around us.

Enjoy the company of yer family or a good friend. Go for a drive in the country or a walk in town and maybe have lunch somewheres nice.

Remember important dates, like birthdays or anniversaries, and heck give those folks a call or maybe send them a card to celebrate the occasion.

Just out of the blue, bring home a small gift for everyone you live with. What the fuck ... go to the dollar store. Folks like a surprise.

Get yer ass off the couch and go watch yer kids play baseball or soccer or whatever it is they do.

Laugh more than you grump. Enjoy the little absurdities of life instead of fighting against them all the time.

Be a part of the scene. Be present, not some stick-in-the-mud who does nothing. Life ain't some faked-out reality TV show. Don't be a fucking passive spectator. Be active ... be a player.

Most of all, be supportive — show that you love those who love you, and before ya know it, you'll love yerself too.

Hit that mic and get hip to being alive ...

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