Saturday, April 11, 2015

i am writing ...

i am writing ...

i am writing

not to find you
nor to lose you

not to corner you
into some dark recess
of hollow commitment
nor to free you
from the silent fearfulness
of every hopeful heart

not to shelter you
from the danger
of some unruly storm
nor to banish you
to walk alone across the
desert's heat

not to remember you
nor to forget you

not to forgive
your misdoings
nor to become
your shadowy accuser

not to foresee
your future
nor to disregard
your past

not to unfold
your body
for my pleasure
nor to control
your every
waking thought

not to celebrate
your joys
nor to mourn
your failures

not to make
impossible promises
nor to confound you
with whispers of doubt

i am writing

to say only
what i have found
in your offering of love —
the firm and
unshakable you
the you who
has become
the solid ground
beneath my trembling feet



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