Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Impossible Possibility

The Impossible Possibility

Some people believe that anything is possible. Other people insist that it is important to know your abilities and your limitations and live according to what is reasonable and realistic for you.

I dream of the impossible and try to make the impossible possible in my life.

I admit that I have not always been successful. But I have never backed off without trying.

As I get older, I sometimes catch myself thinking that it's time to limit my lifestyle to a more conservative set of dreams. That little voice inside me says, "Don't be a fool, you're too old to be chasing rainbows. Be happy with all that you have. Give in, retire, relax ... "

Thankfully, I have yet to shut any doors. I still hunger for new experiences, new places to explore, new people to meet.

I'm not sure that I could be any other way.



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