Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shower Power

Shower Power

Sorry, hate to bother you this morning, but could I borrow your shower?

You see, we've had more lightning storms here lately, even the odd tornado or two that have caused a great deal of damage. One of the outcomes, for reasons that escape me, is that I have no hot water here in the penthouse, so if you don't mind, I'll just pop through yours, if that's OK.

Huh? Yes, I have my own soap and my own towel. And, yes, I'll rinse the thing down afterwards ... no problem.

The floor? Oh yes, I'll make sure the floor is bone dry before I leave.

What's that? No, don't worry, I never pee in the shower. OK, I might have once, but only once. It was an emergency.

Sure, sure, I'll leave the door open a crack so the steam can get out ...

You know what ... I think I'll just head down to my gym and have a shower there, but hey, thanks for offering ...



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