Sunday, May 10, 2015

Doing Your Best

Doing Your Best

As the days leap by and the years turn into smudges of memory, I often wonder how people look back on their lives.

Some folks turn downright cranky. They seem to feel that life has cheated them of something — maybe wealth, maybe love, maybe happiness in one form or another. As they get older, some kind of inner bitterness starts to bubble up to the surface, and before long, they are blaming everyone and everything around them for their infirmities or even their imminent departure from this world. I have no time for such people. They can rage and rage all they want, but not in my circle of existence.

Other people ignore what their lives have been, opting instead to ignore the past and live only "in the moment." I admire this little credo, but really this approach is also not for me.

I love thinking back on the good times and, yes, even some of the bad times as well. And why not? I was the author of my own experience, and if I got a chapter or two or three wrong, well that just makes me human. I'm not perfect, never claimed to be at all.

I've always thought that, through the years, I did the best I could. Maybe my best was never good enough for some people whom I met along the way, but it was still my very best.

And doing your best today creates, I think, a better tomorrow.



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