Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

I never read the newspaper any more. It's sad beyond belief, because I used to love walking to the local convenience store and buying the Sunday paper. I would read it from cover to cover, even glancing through the obituaries, not because I was so interested in who died, but because the obits are sometimes like mini-novels — little snapshots of people's lives. Some are incredibly sad, of course, but the ones that I like best are written as a celebration of a person's life.

My favourite part of the Sunday newspaper was always the section that included reviews of new books. I'm always months, even years, behind the new books, so this was my way of keeping up with the latest releases. Now, I have to look online to stay current.

Sometimes, I simply have to read a new book, because it is so popular or it's headed for the Pulitzer. I once read The Road when it was making a huge impact on the literary world, and I wasn't disappointed.

I read The Shack for the same reason, but I found it to be possibly the most demeaning story I have ever read. I felt dirty after reading each and every chapter. It was like pornography without the sex because it was so highly exploitative.

Well, what do I know? My perceptions are all screwed up because I'm usually looking directly into the sun.



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