Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Same Old, Same Old ...

Same Old, Same Old ...

Most people have a morning routine in their lives.

I mean, they wake up and go through similar motions and little rituals that prepare them for the day. Some put on the kettle for tea, some have the coffee maker set and ready to go, and some prefer just to hit the shower or bath while screaming at the kids to get up for school.

I don't have a routine.

I mean, I do get out of bed, eventually, after some thought about my immediate life and life in general, but after I step out of bed, well, anything is possible. Coffee? Maybe .... Tea? Maybe ... Maybe just a glass of orange juice or filtered water. Maybe a quick shower, or maybe two hours of writing before I even consider a shower. Maybe read my email, or maybe not. Maybe this, maybe that. Everything is a maybe.

Chaos. I live in chaos.

I need a routine. I think that a good, regular routine keeps one sane.

Maybe, it's too late.



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