Sunday, May 31, 2015

here i am ...

here i am ...

here i am
standing in the doorway
and watching the sun drift
beneath the broken dishes
of white clouds
splattered and
in sharp pieces
like the heart
you left behind

here i am
caught between leaving
and staying
helplessly entangled
in the flowering bougainvillea
creeping over
this archway where
the strangling vines of fear
paralyse the moment
in the simple thought
that you may return
and i will no longer
be here

here i am
uncertain and alone
almost seeing you
dressed in the tattered remnants
of passionate nights
your hollow spectre
drifting through the
empty rooms of
a house so haunted
with the ghosts of
shrieking confusion
that still
i dare not move

so here i am
waiting and wondering
why hopelessness has so suddenly
trapped me here
in the passageway to hope
with only a single prayer
on my lips
that you will drive by
out of the darkest shadows
and find enough
love left in your heart
to take your final
killing shot



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