Thursday, May 07, 2015

For The Record

For The Record

Today, I'm taking inventory.

Every once in a while, I sit back and think about what turns me on in this world, and what turns me off.

So I'm sitting here, even as I write, thinking that I really like music. I always have, but there have been times, when I have been preoccupied with other things, that music was just background noise. These days, I really listen. I listen to the words, and I listen to the melody. Both have a huge impact on me. Both can make a day seem bright or dull. Weird.

Reading turns me on, but I haven't done much lately. I read in waves. If an author catches my attention, then I will usually read all that he or she has written.

Writing turns me on. I love how the words come out, sometimes so surprisingly beautiful, and I love how I work on a piece without really knowing where I'm going, and then there it is ... just the right ending.

There are many other things that turn me on, like swimming and talking on the phone to friends and family, but you'd get bored pretty quickly. At least I didn't write that I like long walks on the beach, a late night cuddle in front of the fireplace, and crap like that.

Huh? You're already bored?

Oh well, I was going to tell you a couple of things that turn me off. Maybe another time?

Too early for soup? I do have a nice chowder in the fridge ...???



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