Friday, March 06, 2015



Some nights you sleep; some nights you don't.

Last night, I slept well, but only for a short time.

Apparently, I have some kind of weird chest cold. It's not so bad, but my voice is a bit croaky. I think I sound a bit like John Wayne or maybe Humphrey Bogart or maybe a combination of the two. By noon today, I will probably sound like Pee Wee Herman. I can't imagine.

Someone asked me to write a new poem for here. I wish that I could, but my imagination has gone on vacation, I think. To be honest, I do have a bunch of fragments done, but nothing completed. Most of those fragments are very dark, and I often wonder if people think of me as a dark personality.

So it goes ...

There will be a time for more poems, hopefully soon.

So today, I'm hiding from the world and slipping into the seams of a nice long nap ...

I'd have you join me, but I know you'd hog the covers.

Zzzzzzzzzz ...



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