Friday, March 13, 2015



So, as things falter and slip away to an end, I have come to realise that some people have stepped away from me forever.

In all my years of knowing the beautiful faces of young and old, I guess I should have expected that some would surface from the depths of the lake of our shared experiences and would no longer see me standing there on the dock with a helpful, outstretched hand.

And still I wonder, at what point, did I become invisible?

At what turn in the road, did some companion of so many sunny days and sudden storms forget my name?

At what second in the unending sweep of time's hands across the Roman numerals, did I slip from all the years when we called each other friends?

Friendships do fall apart. I have no illusions that every relationship will last forever, that "best friends" will remain close in perpetuity. Some attachments to another person crack in seemingly a split-second. Some are shattered by a misinterpreted word or action, while others are more callously torn asunder.

Friendships need tending, I suppose. They need nurturing and constant care.

Knowing that, I have to admit that I am partially, if not completely, to blame for some of the friendships that I have lost. Quite simply, I have not always been "there." I have not always been around when I should have been.

And, this morning, I realise that I am the lesser man for being the man who forgot and who is now forgotten.



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