Friday, October 09, 2015

i want to be your popsicle . . .

i want to be your popsicle . . .

i want to be your popsicle
cherry orange lemon lime
your sweet ice treat
your slick stick every time
i want to melt in a drizzle
down your soft fingertips
while oozing rivulets
over your full puckered lips
then i'll catch you off guard
by freezing your brain
and create icicles from icicles
so i can warm you again

i want to be your popsicle
grape banana strawberry melon
your melt-in-your-mouth
7-Eleven frosty heaven
i want to kool you off
when you're oh so hot
slip and slide along your tongue
and chill out every bad thought
but remember one thing
let's get one thing right
you can lick all you want
but, baby, please don't bite



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