Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Shuffle, Shuffle

Shuffle, Shuffle

Some days, I think we live in a nation of quiet desperation, and we need to shuffle things around. Shuffle, shuffle ... don't settle for the same old, same old ... just shuffle, shuffle things around.

Instead of wearing blue, if that's what you usually do, try wearing red or green or yellow, flashy is good but so is mellow. And if those colours don't suit your fancy, try something a little more chancy, by wearing nothing, absolutely nothing at all. Some days you've got to shuffle, shuffle things around. Shuffle, shuffle.

Instead of being angry with everyone and everything, quit acting like a prize fighter in a ring. Pump your hands in the air, and bump your booty everywhere. Make a sound like a pig, and dance a little jig. Take some time to laugh and sing, and give your life a little zing, as you shuffle, shuffle things around. Shuffle, shuffle.

When the kids are going crazy and you feel a little lazy, or when they're moping 'round the kitchen and you're tired of all their bitchin', don't be overcome with wrath, why not sneak off to the bath? Soak an hour underwater, and forget both son and daughter. Drift away in the magic of your tub, under the satisfying touch of a little rub-a-dub-dub. Some days you've got to shuffle, shuffle things around. Shuffle, shuffle.

So you're running short of cash, you file your bills in the trash, and you wonder why you have no money in the land of milk and honey. Count your blessings instead of dimes, and despite all these hard times, remember it's better to be happy and content, even if you can't make next month's rent, than to be sad and depressed while everything is being repossessed. Sure, it may not sound so neat to be living on the street. Just keep your spirit strong, and better times will come along, once you shuffle, shuffle things around. Shuffle, shuffle.

You say that your love life really sucks, that your partner is done after a few good bucks, and now you'd like something a little more inviting, yes, something maybe a little more exciting. Well, why not take a chance at romance with everyone you meet, someone at the office, someone on the street? Forget the danger of loving a stranger in the darkness of the night, because, really, who knows? Sometimes, what appears to be so wrong turns out to be so right. Some days you've got to shuffle, shuffle things around. Shuffle, shuffle.

So if there's a fly in your ointment, don't let that be a disappointment. Simply pick and flick that fly away, 'cause, really, there's no sense ditching the whole jar, be it Noxema or Oil of Olay. Quit worrying about the "why" and "how," because life's never perfect, and you should know that by now. Instead of always giving into your boredom or your plight, snatch up that fruit of temptation and take a really good bite. Who wants to be the same, day in and day out? Better to discover what your life is really all about, by learning how to shuffle, shuffle things around. Shuffle, shuffle.



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