Saturday, October 03, 2015

Pensées Français ...

Pensées Français ...

French bread
French coast
French kissing
French toast

French mustard
French fashion
French pastry
French passion

French cathedrals
French cuisine
French windows
French poutine

French cafés
French trolleys
French blintzes
French follies

French Riviera
French maid
French truffles
French braid

French dictionary
French fries
French postcards
French spies

French revolution
French guillotines
French vineyards
French magazines

French Resistance
French mimes
French writers
French rhymes

French bulldog
French onion soup
French vanilla
French Guadeloupe

French Foreign Legion
French beret
French demitasse
French Cirque du Soleil

French museums
French art
French philosophers
French Jean-Paul Sartre

French cinema
French cheese
French Canadiens
French chemise

French lover
Well, what more can I say?
Everything is coming up French
In the most beautiful way ...



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