Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rainy Day Rambling

Rainy Day Rambling

There's rain coming. You can smell it. Feel it too. Like little spots of electricity freckling across your skin.

Some people get rain every day. Usually in the morning and often later in the day. Vancouver, a city on the west coast of Canada, is like that. Morning rain and mist, and then the sun pokes through the clouds and brightens the rest of the day. By nightfall, the rain usually returns, a soft blanket of moisture that seems to hang in the air for the rest of the night.

Too much rain gives people a rainy personality, I think.

When I lived in the Midwest, we rarely got rain unless it came in the form of a thunderstorm. One minute the air would be hot and sultry, and the next minute, you could see the black storm clouds billowing up from the western horizon. You knew to take cover. The storms would last for about an hour, and then move on eastward. The earth would be like a wet sponge, and your feet would make squishing sounds in the grass.

Rain has a way of defining memories for some people. It has a way of postponing everyday life, allowing you a chance to pause from doing this or doing that, and so it brings people closer to one another. Romance. It invites romance. People remember romance more than they remember despair. At least, they should. Maybe that's not so true. But it should be true.

Kids like the rain. They like to puddlejump and get their feet wet. Why not?

Guys like to fish in the rain, but let's be brutally honest: It's never fun camping in the rain. The tent is always in the wrong place.

Dogs like to yip and yap in the rain. Cats are slightly more intelligent.

Some people like to sit alone on the porch and just watch the rain. Sometimes, they will have a cup of tea while they do that. You should never bother those people. They are relaxing or just thinking about things. They need some space for that.

Often, it will rain on a day that a couple gets married. The wedding becomes a celebration of umbrellas. It's a nuisance, I guess, but who can predict what will happen on your wedding day?

Sometimes it rains during a funeral. No one seems to notice.



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