Monday, October 12, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving ...
... to all my Canadian friends and readers ...

It's Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. All across this country, families will be gathering around a dining room table, eating turkey with all the rooty-toot fixin's, sharing a laugh or two, noshing down that last piece of pumpkin pie with a dopple of whipped cream on top, and then hurrying home to pass out blissfully from the joy of tryptophan, an amino acid in the turkey that makes you oh-so-sleepy.

Auntie Mona will probably linger longer than everyone else, her cranberry-shot eyes wandering over the drumstick torso of cousin Charlie, but when he leaves, so will she, and no one will say a word about what everyone knows is going to happen next.

So it goes.

Thanksgiving is a time to "count your blessings" and be grateful for all the fabulous things we have in life. Even if you feel that life has let you down in every possible way, there's always something for which to be thankful. Perhaps Prozac comes to mind. Or Viagra. Well, who can say for sure?

The point of it all is to pause and reflect, pause and reflect ... and celebrate the days of happiness that you have enjoyed over the years.

As time creeps by, I must admit that I have had a great many happy times in my life. I'm not sure I can remember all of the details of every event, but maybe that is for the best. After all, too many details spoil the broth.

I do understand one thing. Those happy times always involved other people. To me, that is one of the miracles of life — that we get to interact with others. The togetherness of that interaction makes life far more exciting and enjoyable than living a singular existence.

I am especially thankful for all of the people who have wandered in and out of my life. "In" was usually better than "out," but I have long understood the ins and outs of friendships and those closer relationships. You don't always need some kind of lasting permanence when it comes to being close to other people. If a perpetual constancy were necessary, then I suspect many of us would be hogtied in someone's basement.

No, I am grateful for all the people with whom I have shared a laugh or shed a tear. If, over time, we drifted apart, my thoughts of their importance in my life never faltered.

So, if you're reading this and you remember something you and I had, something that was special to both of us, hey, thanks for coming out, thanks for the memories. I hope that I didn't do something to let you down, but if I did, well, don't go mistaking me for someone who actually gives a shit.

Thanks for giving, and Happy Thanksgiving.



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