Sunday, October 18, 2015

Still Waiting ...

Still Waiting ...

Li'l Boy's spit
and polish
are just memories now
but some still remember
when he drove like a
mad donkey through
the McCullough's cornfields
with Sal and Remy
each of them
shouting and cursing
and ripping out a swatch
of broken stubble
just after harvest
all to the tune of the
Stars and Stripes

course that was before
those three boys shipped out
and found the fury of shrapnel
and the peace of eternity
on the beaches of Normandy

but that old Chevy
is still waiting for them
out back in the far pasture
and if they ever do return
from the great beyond
i reckon that rust
will turn to bright
green enamel again
and that 350 bored-out 8
will fire up
like the Devil himself
and purr and hum
like it did before
in the days of old
when the future was gold



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